South East Queensland

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The business originally commenced in 1990 and progressed in February 2001 when it became Dangerous Goods Equipment Pty Ltd. The name Dangerous Goods Equipment and Training (hereafter referred to as DGET) was registered in February 2007 to better reflect the full range of services offered to our customers.

Change in Industry has now brought changes to DGET in business operations. We are now targeting our training although some equipment can still be purchased as seen on our website.

Due to these changes, the best contact method for all inquiries is via email – [email protected] or calling (07) 3277 1155 business hours, and please leave a message if requested as I am probably training.

Our home base is now located at Esk Queensland, allowing more coverage to the western areas of South East Queensland.

DGET provides further education courses for the Corporate, Commercial, and the Private sectors in relation to driver and operators training.

These courses are run with the full support of the nationally recognised Getabout Training Services (Tow-Ed) RTO;90547. The knowledge base behind Getabout Training Services offers DGET with substantial support with all of the driver course as and when required which also provides the best information base to all of DGET’s customers.

The home base venue is Glen Esk (Esk) – A private property, this venue is used for all, Towing on and off-road, Low risk, Basic 4WD and ATV / SSV along with vehicle winch recovery.

DGET is also a supporter of the Free “Safety check” days held by caravaning Queensland statewide. Visit the Caravaning Qld website for more information.

Falling in line with the vehicle and trailer safety, DGET can provide advisory mass weighing of vehicles in the commercial sectors and for trailers up to 4,500Kg GVM or ATM. Our high-quality scales provide a far better result than a weighbridge station.

DGE trading division; BSAFE Winches Australia

“Transport heavy vehicle load restraint”

B-Safe Winches Australia provides a range of transport load restraint equipment which is 100 % Australian made and owned.

Our inline 8mm chain and 8/50 combination tensions devices have Bluescope Steel approval for use by their transporters on the steel loads.

We provide the now well known “Forward Directional Restraint Method” (FDRM) as used on the Cotton round modules. Two brand new tension winches (100mm & 50mm) were designed and built to be used in this two-strap system and has been fully tested to meet the Load Restraint Guide 2004 as a restraint method. These winches as required by the restraint method are required to be tensioned to 1150kgf.

All our winches have been independently designed and tested by a third-party engineer, ensuring all meet the requirements of the Australian Standards. Five of the six winches we build have been designed specifically for a client in the transport industry.