South East Queensland

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Energy Imagine can provide a total answer to reducing your reliance on grid supplied power.

Combined with the sister company LEDimagine - both businesses are Australian owned and operated and have extensive experience servicing a diverse range of industries and clients.

They can now offer a total package including:

  • Solar PV Systems
  • BYD Battery Systems
  • LED Lighting Systems

It’s critically important to match solar, batteries and LED systems to your specific needs. That’s why all Energy Imagine accredited distributors are selected and trained to engage with you in a consultative process to match the right products and services to suit your needs.


Energy Imagine can provide a full range of energy saving options, including solar hot water, solar water pool pumps, sensor units and timing systems; all aimed at reducing your reliance on expensive grid supplied power.

Solar is an answer for daytime power needs but solar doesn’t supply power at night or during blackouts but your solar can charge your battery system and batteries can supply power at night or during blackouts.